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International Sound Quality has been working hard to bring you the best in Sound Quality and Interaction with all the local SQ Groups. Please like and follow our Facebook Page. We will be posting updates about International. More importantly we will be bring you the best of all the SQ groups to one place. We will highlight what is going on in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and all the other Groups. We look forward to sharing what each and every group is doing. Lets all bring Sound Quality to the world together! 


  • Tips for starting your own group
  • Help with setting up SQ comps
  • Help contactacting IASCA and MECA
  • Social Media tips to help you grow
  • Want to join International Sound Quality?

Featured Endorsed Groups

Ohio Sound Quality​

Ohio Sound Quality has a diverse demographic we have people that are Sound Quality Judges to hard core competitors and people who just want to there cars to sound great. Ohio Sound Quality is a great group who help each other get better and genuinely want to grow the sport and love music! Our main goal is to grow the sport in the State  Ohio and bring back car audio to the glory year we all love and remember!!!

Our Team is dedicated to spreading automotive sound quality around the globe. 

28 October 2016

AudioControl's DM-810 pre-release information and Specs


Our Team

International Sound Quality Facebook Page

Good sound quality is hard to achieve. It can be even harder to encourage and grow a group of like minded enthusiasts in your area. We can help you with that!


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14 September 2016

Meet the Youngest Judge in US History!

International Sound Quality was started to create a standardization by which all local and statewide sound quality groups can adhere to. International believes in etiquette, tact, professionalism, and equality.  

3 September 2016

International Sound Quality Officially Launches

​Virginia Sound Quality

The goal of VSQ is to bring Sound Quality back to our great state of Virginia as well as build a comradery between friends, competitors, and enthusiasts. We want to help educate and coach individuals in the understanding of SQ with the help of industry experts, local shops, and veteran competitors. We encourage everyone in Virginia to join and contribute to this great legacy we are bringing back. As Virginia’s slogan says, “Virginia is for Lovers”……VSQ is for Virginia Sound Quality Addicts!